Thursday, September 13, 2012

Why I Love New York

Yesterday was a wonderful "I love New York" kind of day. 

A Run in the Park
After class finished, I headed to Riverside Park to log 5 miles since I'm trying to increase midweek mileage.  

It was absolutely gorgeous out, and despite the run feeling a lot harder than it should have, I was happy to be outside on a sunny but cool September day. I love fall weather so much -- so excited it's finally here!!

My First 92Y Talk - Diane von Furstenberg
After my evening seminar, I hopped in a cab with a similarly fashion-obsessed friend and headed to the Upper East Side for a talk with Diane von Furstenberg, moderated by Fern Mallis, at the 92nd St Y. The talk was only $15 per ticket for under-35's and I learned so much about this incredible woman. Namely, she's hilarious!
DVF's iconic first ad, starring herself
"Feel like a woman, Wear a dress!"
Probably my favorite part of the evening was finding out that DVF is absolutely hilarious. I had to write down some of her quotes because they had me (and the entire audience) cracking up constantly. My favorite was, "If we start talking about [my] boyfriends, we'll be here forever." Here were some of the highlights:

  • "What attracts me in men is helplessness"
  • "I think words are very important ... When people say 'I die'..." *exasperated look* [So...she's not a fan of Rachel Zoe then?]
  • "George Hamilton was [in Italy with her and friends] and he was very, very tan already."
  • Fern: "[Your first husband] didn't propose?" DVF: "No, it was a telegram."
  • On her son: "He's hot!"
  • Fern: "Did you spend 2 days with Fidel Castro?" DVF: "Yes..." [realizing how that sounded out of context] "But I didn't have an affair with him!"
  • "I did pawn a diamond ring, for 3 weeks, and it's super expensive to pawn!"
  • "How can you sell clothes on television? And also, it's a little tacky."
  • "It was [her now-husband's] birthday and I didn't know what to get him, so I said, Ok, if you want, I'll marry you."

Fern Mallis and Diane von Furstenberg
(check out Diane's killer boots!)
DVF also talked about her parents, in particular her mother. She said that, "my mother gave me strength, my mother gave me character. She taught me that the most important relationship is with yourself. My father gave me love and that made me confident with men."

DVF also advocated for and donated a lot of money to developing The High Line, in addition to her work with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), Vital Voices (Hillary Clinton's women's leadership and empowerment organization), and pledging half her wealth to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

The talk was funny, insightful, and absolutely inspiring. I feel so blessed to live in a city where I can go for a run in a beautiful park then attend a talk with a fashion luminary - for only $15! 

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