Sunday, August 12, 2012

My First Half Marathon: Announcement!

I thought this was a perfect quote for what this post is about. I've decided to train for a half-marathon! I'm going to be running in Grete's Gallop in Central Park on October 14. I am totally nervous about whether or not I'll be up to the challenge, but I'm also extremely excited to see how strong my body can be.

In an inauspicious occurrence, I had to abort my run this morning because I felt so sick. I have some sort of upper body cold bug and after 5 minutes I felt so terrible that I thought it made more sense to head home than to keep torturing myself. I'm sure I'll have enough of that in the next 9 weeks!

I will be posting my weekly training plans once I start training on Tuesday, Aug. 14. I'm going away for a short birthday getaway with the boyfriend and the dog, hiking upstate and exploring small towns along the Hudson. When I get back I'll dive right in -- I'm planning a fairly intense training schedule that combines distance and endurance training with strength and interval training, and of course a healthy dose of yoga. Can't wait to update the blog with how it goes!

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