Sunday, August 26, 2012

Half-Marathon Training Update & {inspiration}

Here's what I wanted to get done last week:
  • 1 yoga class
  • 1 hill run
  • 3 cross training sessions
  • 2 easy runs
  • 1 long run
Here's what I did:
  • 2 yoga classes
  • 3 cross-training sessions (1 strength workout, 1 Physique 57 class, and 1 Uplift cardio-strength interval class)
  • 1 short spinning session
  • 1 easy run
  • 1 long run
I had to adapt my plan since I had some pain in my foot that may have been tendinitis. I decided to add in extra yoga, which I think really helped a lot, and I got rid of the hill run and replaced an easy run with a short spinning session. The pain was gone by Wednesday, and after an awesomely tough cardio-strength interval class at Uplift Studios on Thursday night, I only had to fight delayed onset muscle soreness in my long run (8 miles) this morning. The run was rough, but I got it done, and it inspired me to think of this:

I love this. So many times during my run this morning, I felt like I couldn't do 8 miles. Since I'm new to longer distance running, each long run in my half-marathon training is the longest and farthest I've ever run. It can be really intimidating, especially since I'm also doing a pretty intense exercise regimen right now to get back in shape now post-summer job, while I have fewer school commitments.

As I approach my workouts and training for this week, I need to keep this in mind. I believe I can -- so I will!!

Goals for this week:
  • 3 yoga classes (I think this will help heal my body from the physical stress of longer runs)
  • 3 cross-training sessions (1 Uplift class, 1 Physique 57 class, and 1 workout with my trainer)
  • 2 easy runs
  • 1 hill run
  • 1 long run (9 miles)

Have you faced any mental hurdles in training for fitness goals recently?

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