Sunday, August 19, 2012

Delicious Destinations: Chobani SoHo Yogurt Bar

After an awesome STRONG class with Mike Taylor at Strala Yoga (review to come soon!), I dropped by Chobani's new SoHo yogurt bar. I had met up with an old friend at Strala so it was the perfect place to grab a post-workout snack and chat.
The boutique is quite small, but it's very pretty. The wood detailing is nice and the all-glass storefront makes the store stand out on its corner location.

Oh, all you care about is the food? Cool, me too. So I love Greek yogurt, but I don't always like Chobani (especially their fat-free) because it lacks that creamy factor. The in-store yogurt was perfect -- creamy and smooth, tangy and rich, without that cloying cream after-taste that I personally can't stand.
Blueberry + Power
I got the blueberry, chia seeds, hemp seeds, walnuts, and agave blend. It was SO good. I love blueberries, and thought they mixed well with the chia and hemp seeds and the walnuts. And of course I love agave (who doesn't??). All the sweet combinations looked great, and at $3.75 each (and you get to keep the glass jars!), they're pretty cheap, too.
Yum! So good!!
While my friend and I chatted, we were given another dish! Apparently they made extra and didn't want it to go to waste. Thanks, Chobani!! We both were given a savory dish, the Plain Chobani + Cucumber, which comes with fresh cucumber, sea salt, and sprinkled fresh mint. It was really delicious, and if paired with some couscous or something, would have made a terrific lunch. I love that Chobani is offering savory yogurt options in addition to the sweet ones.
Plain Chobani + Cucumber
All the dishes come with plain Chobani yogurt in a cute little glass jar. You can keep the jar or return it and get a $0.25 off coupon.

The Details:
Address -- 150 Prince Street (at W Broadway)
Hours -- 9am to 8pm daily

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