Thursday, August 23, 2012

Class Review: Uplift's Power Yoga with Amanda Rose Walsh

I've written before about how much I love my trainer, Amanda Rose Walsh. She is like walking sunshine that somehow manages to rain pain and hurting on your ass while making you smile (AKA the best). She's also a wonderful yoga instructor and she teaches at Uplift Studios, a women-only fitness studio that is the BOMB.

Since I'm taking an afternoon class right now, and I hadn't seen Amanda in almost a month because she was off adventuring on the other side of the world with her fiance (India and the Maldives -- yes, I'm super jealous), I reserved a spot in her Wednesday morning Uplift yoga class.

Uplift's studio is gorgeous, and I'll write about it in my post on the cardio-strength Uplifting class tomorrow. Classes are nice and small, making them intimate enough for lots of hands-on adjustments. You feel like you're really interacting with Amanda as she leads the class, which is nice.
Amanda doing an awesome side plank
Amanda starts class by asking you to dedicate your practice. I love, love, love this. I told myself, "I am here to strengthen my body and calm my mind," and throughout class, whenever I felt like holding a pose was tough (so every 2-3 minutes, basically), I'd repeat that to myself. Forcing us to reflect on why we were there at the beginning was a great motivation for the rest of class.

The class is tough. You hold a lot of poses for five deep breaths, but sometimes that "we're here for five breaths" instruction only comes after Amanda has gone around the room adjusting. Trickery!! But fine, I'll forgive her, especially since I hurt so good this morning (gotta love a yoga class that leaves you refreshed and stretched but with sore muscles the next morning).

I've also mentioned in other reviews how important a good flow is to me. I loved Amanda's flow. It's not a cardio class because you hold poses for a while rather than moving quickly through them, but I was still dripping sweat due to all the strength-intensive poses we did. Amanda is heavy on the warrior and downward dog split poses, which I love -- yoga butt, here I come! -- and you hold variations (extended side angle, warrior 1, warrior 2, etc) for quite a while, so you really build up that heat.

I cannot recommend Amanda, her yoga class, or Uplift Studios enough. Love the female empowerment message of the studio and love the self-empowerment I feel after any yoga class or training session with Amanda.

Class - Power Yoga 
Site Description - Focuses on fundamental poses that strengthen and stretch every muscle in your body! Sequencing is nonstop, creative, fun and inspiring with an emphasis on breath and alignment. Be prepared to hold poses longer than usual to really feel the burn! Core work is included for a total body experience. Leave class glowing from the benefits of a great workout combined with a renewed sense of balance, ease and flexibility. No shoes required.
Instructor - Amanda Rose Walsh
Length - 55 minutes
Cost - $32 with free water, snacks, etc.
Location - Gramercy/Flatiron (24 W 23rd Street between 5th and 6th Avenues, Second Floor)
Skill Level - it's a tough class, but since Amanda demonstrates the poses at the front of the room and it's small, anyone could come in and get a great yoga workout.

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